Cross Pollination

the dialogue between practices with performers and researchers

Cross Pollination is a research based performance platform where performers, theatermakers and researchers work together on the transmission, transformation and generation of knowledge, while exchanging highly specialized techniques.

Through their own working practice, many any contemporary performers / practitioners / researchers have built up unique constellations of experience, technique, research and knowledge, with angles that challenge, inform and complement each other. The intention is to let ideas and thoughts unfold by passing them through different minds, bodies and practices, creating an ecology that breaks through the fragmentation and isolation that touches so many aspects of contemporary work and life.

Besides being an exchange among individuals, Cross Pollination explores the dialogue between practices, as an integral and essential part of embodied research. The idea is to learn about each other’s and our own work, by establishing a dialogue of exchange. The point of this dialogue is transformation and connection. Each takes part in each other’s techniques and reacts to them from their own. This constant action and reaction from one practice to another leads to new insights, questions, actions and strings of understandings.

Cross Pollination has been gathering theatre artists and researchers for theatre laboratory sessions since 2017, in Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, home of Odin Teatret, in Holstebro Denmark. In the Cross Pollination sessions we build a temporary space to connect on the working floor, outside of production pressure, a laboratory that fits contemporary needs and realities.

the poetics of training

This session will be researching the poetics of training and how training transforms into performative material through the use of dramaturgical strategies. We will explore and mix dramaturgical strategies carried by different practices and techniques. There is of course space for other topics and suggestions to be brought in.

Cross pollination Sessions

The core group of cross pollination meets regularly to build on new strategies for the dialogue in-between practices. These CP sessions are intensive laboratory spaces in the tradition of theatre laboratory, shaped to fit contemporary realities and needs.

Parliament of Practices

The Parliament of Practices is the network of performers and researchers which covers the engagements with a wider public outside the Cross Pollination sessions. The activities designed under this umbrella include CP workshops, a masters module for academic students (in preparation), the Festival of Work and the Living Book project.


CROP is the production house of Cross Pollination. It produces the performances and workshops of Cross Pollination members, that have been developed from Cross Pollination research.

All CROP productions are built on the principle of merging personal knowledge and skills with the perspectives and principles of others while using the Cross Pollination working structures and techniques.